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Non profit making organization,"AFG Alliance Française (Galway) Ltd " which is part of the Irish Alliances Françaises network and international AFs including more than 1000 AFs in 135 countries, aims to promote the French language and French culture within the Galwegian community, developing ties and partnerships with the different local organizations and businesses as well as with French overseas partners.

AFG offers workshops bridging French classes (AF frame taught through context) and culture, bringing the language alive and giving it a purpose whilst achieving academic results through exams and diplomas accredited by the Ministry of National Education and recognized at a worldwide level in the form of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL).

More than just a French school, it allows students  to get a flavor for arts, with the meeting of local and international artists, food, business, games for 2 years old to 77+++ with the program "French for Fun"…discussing the differences and similarities of the countries and all in good humor please!